Other verification services

Other verification services

In addition to verification of Individual and Consolidated Financial Statements, we provide other audit services, i.e. the services which consist in removal of uncertainties with regard to the facts verified.

This activity concerns, without limitation to:

  • Verification of the level of inventory for the purpose of provision of a bank credit facility
  • Verification of the value of increase in the registered capital in the case of capitalisation of receivables
  • Inspection of interim accounting statements
  • Verification of consolidation packages for group auditors
  • Drawing up of the statements concerning the situation of liquidity according to the Decree on insolvency of entrepreneurs
  • Audits for special purposes

Our experienced team is also able to ensure the functions of the internal audits, either by way of outsourcing (all activities are ensured by subcontractors) or by using the co-sourcing approach (the basic activities are ensured by the client’s staff members, while our experts bring specialisations which the clients are missing).

All auditing services are provided in such a manner as to not only fulfil their legal obligations but also be considered highly efficient and financially effective. The work quality is checked by internal procedures as well as by regular inspections ensured by the Audit Committee of  NEXIA INTERNATIONAL, and, finally, by competent bodies of the Chamber of Auditors of the Czech Republic and of the Public Audit Oversight Board.