Tax consultancy

Tax consultancy

One of the important obligations of any economic entity is the fulfilment of its financial as well as non-financial undertakings towards the locally competent inland revenue bodies represented usually by tax authorities. Not every entity has, however, its own sufficient professional background which could be able to fulfil all obligations at a highly professional level, perhaps due to highly specialised matters which the entities either cannot or do not want to resolve by themselves for various reasons.

In the field of tax advisory services, Nexia AP a.s. is able to ensure all tax advisory services at a highly professional as well as expert level, owing to cooperation with its partner companies – the tax consultancy office PRAGUE TAX SERVICES, a.s., and the expert institute PRAGUE ACCOUNTING SERVICES s.r.o. with the expert clause for “taxes, the tax system of the Czech Republic and international double taxation treaties”.

This involves in particular the following services:

  • Management of corresponding tax records and subsequent drawing up of tax returns
  • Drawing up of corporate tax returns, value added tax returns, and possibly the tax returns concerning other types of taxes imposed in the territory of the Czech Republic on the basis of the documents submitted by the client
  • Carrying out of ordinary tax consultancy and on-going provision of consultations on selected more complicated issues resulting, among other factors, from the legislation undergoing a continual dynamic development
  • A full-range representation before all locally competent tax authorities in the matter of all types of taxes paid in the territory of the Czech Republic
  • Implementation of activities aimed at elimination of adverse impacts of the inspections carried out by the locally competent tax authorities and relating consequences (whether in a form of additional tax assessments or tax accessories)
  • Tax planning and tax optimisations
  • Application of methods of international taxation and double taxation treaties in the field of taxes on incomes and property
  • Drawing up of applications for VAT refunds, formulation of various requests and applications addressed to the locally competent tax authorities
  • In cooperation with law offices, representation of business entities within the framework of judicial litigations with the locally competent tax authorities
  • All other tax consultancy services

For the carrying out of the above mentioned activities, Nexia AP a.s. is equipped by both appropriate personnel background, since many of our colleagues are tax advisers, members of the Chamber of Tax Advisers of the Czech Republic, and especially the many years of experience based on dozens of tax proceedings implemented and hundreds of annually drawn up tax returns concerning various types of taxes.